Full Moon 27 Scorpio

Full Moon 27Scorpio

Saturday, 5/18, 4:11pm CDT 

Culminating a reflective study of depth, emerging in power.

Full Moon 27 Scorpio

Who Feels It?

Anyone with late degree Scorpio points or planets, and those with points or planets in late degrees of fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo).  

You may also feel this if it transits a sensitive point in a particular house in your chart, such as the midpoint of a Yod, etc.

The Constitution of the US has Ascendant 27 Scorpio, and notorious or colorful public figures Julian Assange (Jupiter Rx 27 Scorpio), and Roger Stone (Mars 27 Scorpio). 

In some headlines, we read Pluto saying, “We’re going to need a bigger crucible.”

Defining the Terms

Full Moon is reflective illumination, producing natural light in rich darkness. This fullness reflects the character of that which began to grow at the New Moon, and marks its culmination,

The Moon is emotion, response, our needs in our immediate environment.  Also the feminine principal and women in general, as well as public opinion.

Scorpio is fixed water. Like its modern ruler, Pluto, Scorpio can work in pitch black, on instinct, and be relentless toward outcome. Scorpio excavates for evidence, exhumes and brings the essence into the light.  Scorpio will identify the point of transmutation. Depending upon character, it may then emerge and lead from that point, or wield a scalpel over it with all implied potential.  While in the chrysalis, Scorpio may feel tempted to remain fixed in watery essence, and at home in the dark depths. But the potential of Scorpio is deep mastery. That means the cocoon or chrysalis cannot be a perpetual dwelling. Scorpio becomes the adept when it emerges with the work assignment fully realized, or as the assignment incarnate — the transformed corpus.    

Understand that, and you’ll understand this late-degree Scorpio Full Moon. 

How to work with Full Moon 27 Scorpio Illumination?

Scorpio is the energy detective who finds a target, and looks/digs relentlessly to get to the bottom of the important matter.  The target won’t be trivial or chosen out of convenience.  It will be about power and meaning. 

** This Full Moon asks us: what in our environment seems to be forging us into the adept, so we may emerge into fully lit potential? 


Response to this is customized.  With outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) there is a quality of going with the flow, even when those outer planets appear through a luminary ambassador, such as the Moon. Power is not power over. Power is not man-made, it is a force of nature that we may learn to call in and direct.  Like a dark gem that disappears under cover of night, the reflective light of the Moon shows us a jewel that is brilliant because of its facets. The stone itself is a product of endurance and pressure. The facets require an artists eye, a craftsman’s hand, and the capacity of the adept who can shift the stone’s organic shape and release its potential. 

Why I respect Mars as ruler of Aries, but prefer Pluto as ruler of Scorpio

(c) Donna Ellis 2019

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