Scorpio Ruler Pluto or Mars

Why do I prefer the modern ruler Pluto for Scorpio?

Remember that Scorpio is fixed water.  As with its modern ruler, Pluto, Scorpio excavates for evidence.  Mars is action, better suited to the cardinal fire of Aries.

I respect the traditional ruler, Mars, but he is better suited to digging and construction–Mars is about action verbs. Mars is there for the Aries-like pioneering adventure, not the Scorpio-like discovery.  Like Pluto, Scorpio won’t move on until it uncovers, exhumes, brings the essence into the light.  Mars is courage and fearlessness. Pluto is intrepid, dauntless.  An Aries concept of working in darkness may better be defined as the mechanic with bare bulb shining on the Mars reconstruction or modification of a car, in service to the need to increase speed. Scorpio, like Pluto, can work in pitch black, on instinct, and be relentless toward outcome.

Scorpio will identify the point of transmutation. Scorpio has a desire to work the dark places for the purpose of regeneration.  Sounds like Pluto.  Depending upon character, Scorpio may then emerge and lead from that point, or wield a scalpel over that point with all implied potential. 

Regeneration requires emergence, and emergence sounds like Spring. But it is not quite Mars.  Mars wants to move forward, quickly, like the Aries dawn of the new wheel of the year.  Scorpio has a different assignment. Yes, the depths are a place of nourishment, but it nourishes a full assignment, not a quick launch.  On one hand, Scorpio may be seen as, and may be one who never misses an opportunity to obsess, and linger in the loam. The stereotype of the Goth teenager comes to mind.

Mature, actualized Scorpio (like Pluto) knows depth is for mining, not for dwelling. Adept Scorpio is incomplete unless it emerges with the work assignment fully realized, or as the assignment incarnate —  the transformed corpus.  

(c) Donna Ellis 2019

Read about the Full Moon 27 Scorpio of May 2019, here:



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