Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Very good ideas of the ancients offered for this day, August 17, 2019, as inspired by the sky narrative.  Also a reminder that today, Saturday, is the day of the week ruled by Saturn (use our search feature to find my entire entry on Saturn’s rulership of this day and its implications).  Cleaning, banishing, protection, long-term structures, cooling. Good day for learning, reviewing, paying bills, slowing to rest after hard work.

Pisces Moon, conjunct Neptune in Pisces, the sign it rules. If possible spend some portion of the day exploring dreams, dreaming, the environment of feeling possibilities and ideals. Very Pisces concept is the Asclepeion, ancient place of dreaming and healing, with active theater as the remedy. Dream up and act out the cure.

This practice was called incubatio, to incubate in the “temple sleep.”  Several in my community have mentioned vivid dreams this week.  In the incubatio, it was believed that Asclepius or one of his healing ambassadors would visit a healing idea upon the dreamer during sleep.  Even if they did not remember a cure  they knew that the visitation itself was healing. 

Another very good idea posted by a friend, to remind us fortunate enough to know her:  “Prayer is so powerful.”  And she posted this gem:

“Great spirit, walk through my house and take away all my worries and any illnesses and please watch over and heal my family and friends. Bring quiet where there is chaos, bring light where there is darkness and put love in our hearts. Tlazocamati.” 

To produce your own place for prayer, or other forms of incubatio: (1) seek a place within, or find an external environment near water, shade and breeze, where you can enter the cooling mists of imagination. (2)  Daydream-up ideals, and the more charitable collective story. (3) Call upon or re-awaken a culture that has been neglected or misrepresented. This includes the neglected culture of your own imagination. (4) Collect these better parts of us and of all we know, conserve them for the New Moon, and consider them to plant with intention of growth then.  Also consider more charitable possibilities — for yourself/loved ones, and the unseen but felt kin everywhere.  The New Moon is on 8/30, at 5:36am CDT. (More posted soon on the powerful energy concentration forming at the end of this month. Prepare healing process/ritual details now for greatest benefit then.)

(Remember that consider comes from Latin meaning con-with and sidere the stars).

If it is not possible to spend the day with dreams in service to healing, in the realm of Chiron, be mindful of its possibilities as you go about your day.  Look for, or even ask about, the intriguing night dreams, or higher day dreams of those you encounter.  A humanitarian Pisces, ice-breaking act, in service to awakening the possibility of incubatio in the collective. (Big bonus points for this, because it means you are making use of the fresh but somehow hereditary cultural genius spoken word theater that is possible from Mercury Leo and Uranus Taurus Rx — don’t forget to use you hands to awaken and stabilize each point as you speak.)  If at home with less time for ritual or meditation, consider what needs cooling and closing. Imagine it flowing away with the disseminating light of the old moon as you bath the kids or dog, do dishes, water potted plants or garden.  (Inspired by today’s Moon 16-24 Pisces, conjunct Neptune 17 Pisces Rx, trine North Node 17 Cancer.  Pisces: last sign of the zodiac. Moon: what we feel, and the feeling we need in our environment.  Neptune: where we conjure, dissolve, dream, stand in the mists of healing “mmmm.”)

If you like to resist and rebel, put that energy to use to deflect the heat, dissatisfaction, and distorted refuse disguised as cynicism, or “just the way it is,” by kindly ignoring it.  “Sorry, negativity.  Kind of lost you in the fog. Well wishes to you. May you find your kin.  I think I lost your signal.  Hanging up now.  Goodbye.”   Leave it behind. 

We are in challenging time, but these times want to become a vessel, and create a longterm structure for those things/people/situations that are transforming.  The ongoing chrysalis metaphor, in use since 2008, and dated for freshness until 2024, is about 2/3 finished.  Remember that the caterpillar chews through what it needs to consume in order to build its cocoon. Once within it dissolves. Another word is degeneration. We see and experience around us the once-in-a-lifetime degeneration of the old structure that we have used. We built this, but the form needed to change. We have excavated, we have chewed, we have exposed in harsh light and cold form, all the old materials. We have formed a tight container that forces degeneration.The caterpillar actually dissolves and reforms. From that forced degeneration comes a new form that is nothing short of miraculous. We now are growing that new form. 

I’ve said this before, but we need the reminder.  We make your new form.  What would you like yours to be?  This is your chance to get wings in that area of your life.  This also is a collective metamorphosis in which we all play a role.  What kind of contribution will you make?  What have you had enough of, or what are you already so good at that there is no room for growth. Transformation is a commitment to total.   There is no halfway in transformation.  I remember watching caterpillars eat my Passionflower vine. Some hung right there and created their new form.  One managed to move over to my recycling bin and hung there, where it unfortunately withered.  Don’t be that guy.   (Inspired by Moon and Neptune Sextile Saturn, Pluto, South Node.)

Benefit is coming to everything we have submitted for re-emergence.  Continue to submit things to these changes.  If we ignore something that must change, that thing will just get bigger in 2020. Get that process going.

Meanwhile, think outside of the box and form a beneficial philosophy. Spiritual learning is higher education. (Moon and Neptune square Jupiter (co-ruler of Pisces), which is now direct.) 

Venus and Mars need no introduction. They have been doing a particular kind of energetic dance since 2017.  In recent hours, they are having a close conversation with each other, and the Sun.  Can the King shed light enough so they may further plan their work, scheduled into 2021.  (Venus and Mars in Leo, conjunct Sun)  What regal assignment might be included?  What part of your life, and of the collective do you want to make brilliant?  Where would you like to forge character in the fire of this time?  This is particularly good for brining together values (Venus) and action (Mars). You might add this to the ingredient list of considered ideas.  By 8/30, this pair visit the Alchemist, Virgo, along with a larger crew.  Very much about Virgin inner work.

If ever you wanted to revisit your metaphoric Maiden self, or Virgin (owning self, self-possessed), before the ideas of the rational world took over, these days until the 30th are excellent for a compass reset. Later this month, the purpose will be alchemical renewal of the sovereign who first set foot upon the Path. 

More on that soon.


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