New Moon Scorpio October 2019

New Moon tonight, 10:36pm CDT.
Mercury Retrograde coming on 10/31.

Tonight’s Moon at 04 Scorpio invites us to do deep detective work for the purpose of cleansing. Especially transformative for how we feel in the world, about the world, and about ourselves.

Make an effort to reflect, then be sure to release. Let go of everything that keeps us from being alert, intuitive, and acting on opportunities for regeneration. Because nature abhors a vacuum, we want to intentionally assign something to the newly cleared space. The intention is important. Not fixing the old, but using Scorpio’s capacity for deep desire to bring something we truly want. Or, release the old, then draw upon Scorpio’s depth to find our own healing point. Hold that intention as the Moon’s light grows during the next two weeks.

Healing and self-compassion may be a good building block for work into the new year. The New Moon of February 23, 2020, will be at 04 Pisces. Tonight’s NM Scorpio deep dive could easily emerge into the flow of the February Pisces NM. Pisces understands and feels the work of Scorpio. In this case, the suggestible waters of Pisces are receptive to whatever work we do tonight. Work done on self-compassion, for example, may pay off with seeds (of Scorpio NM intention) stirring with fertile in February, ready to sprout with the Aries Spring.

The Moon is also a bit of a public relations ambassador. By February, we may feel it rewarding to pay things forward.

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(c) Donna Ellis (Dark Moon image: NASA)

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