Pisces, Aries, Taurus Moons – Astrological New Year

20 March 2020

The Sun’s ingress to Aries marks the beginning of the astrological year, and Spring in the northern hemisphere.

In astrological terms and in terms of the spirit of the season, forcefully energetic illumination for the tasks at hand.  The metaphor and the reality is that of stirring life. That which went dormant with seasonal cold, or is set to sprout from seed, now stirs the natural world.

We typically plot our ideas of renewal around January 1st.  New year ideas often flounder in short order. If that is typically is so for you, switch to Spring and see if the flow of energy in the natural world is a better fit. 

This renewed solar energy is hopeful and life-giving, but the Moon may be even more interesting to observers of seasonal energy.

With the Sun in Aries comes the first New Moon of Spring, also is in Aries.  Consider the days around that new moon as contemplative, germinating and grounding for what you want to grow in your life, and environment over the subsequent months.

The waning Pisces moon, last moon of the old year, holds the culmination of feeling of that year. If matters have not been addressed, this is a good time to reflect upon them.  Avoid self-deception on those matters. Be aware of any inclination to escape through fog inducing products, such as chemicals or alcohol.  Act to solve it, seek truth about it, or endeavor to consciously dissolve by metaphor things that felt false, confining, or anesthetic about the prior year. Spend time in appreciation or meditation near a resource such as a fountain, a well, or salt water.  If you are part of a religion that blesses with holy water, that too is a Pisces liquid.  Good, positive Pisces actions are dancing, writing poems, and charitable giving.  

The Aries New Moon is the place from which energy will burst forth, like the life of Spring.  Things like spring fever, or being dizzy with hormones are very Aries concepts. The impulse to go immediately into something new is likely at this time. The worst use would be to rush to start something over again. If you manage to observe rather than act, look for and make note of things that are responding to you with initiative, courage, offer new territory.  

Once the moon is growing in visible light, especially at the first Moon in Taurus, consider ways to ground, to bring to earth, those new things that feel like fresh growth. Think of what you treasure in life and in your heart, and imagine its security growing with the growing light.  You don’t have to imagine details or an outcome, just the feeling of security. 

I always like to close energetic or imaginative work with and open and welcoming, “And it turned out even better than I could have imagined.”

May it be so for you.  May it go well for you.

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Some material is from the forthcoming book, “The Astrology of the Moon”

Planetary Astrology Moon (c) Donna Ellis
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