Cancer Moon – Solar Month of Taurus

The Moon enters Cancer today. Significant because we are headed toward a New Supermoon Eclipse in Cancer at Summer.  In fact, it will coincide with Solstice.

The Solstice new moon will be one of two new Cancer moons this year. Two opportunities for renewal of forms of the sacred feminine, for reflecting on the concept of home as the home of the soul, of ancestors.

During Spring, the first season of the natural calendar, all moons in Cancer occur after the new moon of that solar month. This means, at this time of year, all Cancer moon energetics are growing in light, increasing in energy.

Cancer is a fruitful sign but it may easily be lost in emotion if it does not fulfill its natural ‘other half’ assignment which is to cultivate a level of sophistication in the outer world. Good time to examine which thing you are growing in your environment.

Cancerian sophistication may mean forms of private domestic diplomat, such as not favoring one single child, or favoring any creation over one’s partner. Or, it may be that one turns one’s cultivated reflective capacity outward to guide the public in some way.

If Cancer is the natural mother, her natural domain is the home of us all.

The Moon in astrology represents our needs in the immediate environment, our useful feelings, and moods. When uncomfortable and not paying attention to the diagnostic brilliance possible through our feelings, we may be moody, sappy and sentimental, unreasonably changeable, excessively inward- or backward-looking.

A balanced Cancer influence creates security and growth. This is an especially fruitful activity in the solar month of Taurus.

By this afternoon (April 27, 2020), and until Wednesday evening, where would you like to add momentum to growing forms of the sacred feminine that can heal, gather, support, secure something in your domain? Can you maneuver this into position so that what you feel is needed actually comes from a place of strength? Which need will support your growth? Not lost in emotion, muddied and diluted by excess water, but fulfilled connection with observant attention.

This is considerate of self and others and adds to emotional intelligence. Respect for the need provides the needy with sufficient nutrient. To prevent waste is to reduce need.

A good time to consider how to move forward, even if a little reflective, and sideways.

(c) 2020 Donna Ellis
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(c) 2010-2020 Donna Ellis

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