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DONNA ELLIS   Astrologer, Writer, Speaker

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This the new home of my astrology blog. We’re in process of transfering the back catalog from other locations to this site.

I conduct astrology chart sessions online, from wherever I may be, to wherever you are.  I offer 90 and 60 minute sessions. I recommend that our first conversation be about your natal chart.

I also convene a monthly astrology discussion group for a nominal fee.


In addition to this blog and online sessions, I have the following books available in the Applied Astrology series from Planetary Arts. These are available from Amazon, or ordered from your bookstore.

Applied Astrology of The Moon: Emotional Intelligence in 13 Energetic Lunar Cycles

The Moon: Emotional Intelligence in 13 Energetic Lunar Cycles (2019)









Applied Astrology of The Sun

Coming in 2020:
The Sun:  Illuminating Character in 12 Energetic Solar Roles







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