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US Constitution

Birth times are not available for many pubic figures, and known times of inception or launch are not available for some events, entities, or companies. In such cases, I (or others) may have attempted rectification, and those charts have been marked as such, “rectification in progress,” “Sibley (rectifier) chart,” etc.

An astrologer will rectify a chart through by review of historical or life event information that is then compared with the possibilities of known astrological planetary positions and certain chart progressions, to arrive at a chart with an approximate working birth time.  A lot of information is required and much detective work and synthesis is involved.  The chart is further studied, by comparison, over time, with events and and astrological information. Such things are important to the forecast process, to understand the influence future progressions or transits may have on a chart.

Some public figure natal charts have not been rectified but the general characteristics or signatures may be compared to a chart such as the rectified Sibley birth chart of the United States, or the commencement chart for the United States Constitution.


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