As an astrologer, a client’s chart is a thrilling rabbit hole.  I can get lost in the first look at that natal map of possibilities, native characteristics, desires, and destinations.  The actual client soon becomes available, and I can go over with them key times indicated by a progression of the chart.  I’m always keen to hear how that person recognizes each concept, and especially how they have used their gifts and managed any impediments

I’m also interested in a subject which has no opportunity to respond, and for whom it might be more difficult to document and forecast.  I am an astrologer in the US, and my area of geek is the government of the United States, and the social and structural results of policy.  The policy makers as well as those who influence, temporarily or from the periphery, are also of great interest.  Most of these individuals have a publicly available birth date and location, but rarely are we able to obtain the accurate time of birth required to cast a proper chart with an ascendant and houses.

Indeed, the birth time for the nation, considered to be the signing of the Declaration of Independence, is the subject of debate.  However, for the Declaration and birth chart, I use the chart commonly referred to as the Sibly Horoscope, which gives it a Sagittarius ascendant. For the Constitution, I use a chart for the first day the Constitution went into effect.  Further, I consider the US Declaration of Independence to be a statement of intention, and the US Constitution to be a statement of dedication.  The former says, “We intend to be a new nation without a king,” and the latter says, “Democracy is how we assign to its accomplishment.”  To maintain the structure, rights, and freedoms guaranteed to citizens, our elected and appointed officials are sworn in with an oath to uphold the Constitution.  

Astrologers track patterns and energy, and news headlines tend to reflect transits in general.  I also look at who is making news for the US and see how they may affect the nation by relationship to the Constitution.  

Much of my astrology blog is devoted to this topic.

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