US Constitution, Pt I

A Look At the Chart of the Constitution of the United States, Pt I

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If I anticipated a visit from this native as a first time client, I would expect they’re not much for small talk. They also may have a penetrating way of getting to the bottom of things, likely evident with, “Hello.” (Asc Scorpio)  To break the ice, one might ask about the transformative, socially conscious action they undertook as their first order of business this morning (Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and Pluto, its modern ruler, each in Aquarius, 3rd).  Or how, as a groundbreaking futurist, they generally express the harmony and momentum desirable for the collective (Pluto conjunct Venus applying to Mars, Aquarius, 3rd).  

For a person, this action might take place in the neighborhood, local primary school, or with siblings (3rd house).  For this purpose, the chart of a set of dedicating principles is the individual. One way to look at it may be that the 3rd house “siblings” for which the individual takes action (Mars) are all brothers and sisters (citizens) of the declared nation.  Another possibility is that the individual has the urge to apply the beauty of transformation, or of harmonious reformation (Pluto conjunct Venus) to any action (Mars) in this life, including things like basic education or the deeper values in of the pursuit of happiness.  

The caution here may be for the native to keep an eye on structured, forward-thinking genius, lest it become constricted collective chaos. (With Aquarius I examine and weigh for the individual both the traditional ruler Saturn, and the modern ruler Uranus.)  

Interesting to note that all three planets separate from the chart’s Part of Kings (09 Aquarius), also in the third.

A dedicating structure, the 1789 Constitution was written thirteen years after the Declaration/intention, which was signed in 1776.  Time is kin to illumination in this chart (Saturn conjunct Sun). So, we might see this document, putting light on form, as something neatly done ahead of the Declaration’s Saturn opposition. That three-part, homework-check to intentions, transiting Saturn opposite Declaration’s natal Saturn, took place 1791-92.  In 1791, the First Bank of The United States was chartered. In 1792, the first President, George Washington, was elected.

In this chart, structure seeks light in the realm of both the historical concept, and ongoing conception of home (Saturn conjunct Sun 4th).  This duo is in a form of charitable service that goes both ways (Pisces), and whose basic character is designed to bring order (Saturn, Sun) to the dramatic breadth of fluidity possible with the definition of compassion and kindness (Pisces). Charity can become over-giving and the individual may need to work to ensure that service is reciprocal. What one puts in, is what one gets out of things in this realm.  There may be a need to throw a light on things immediately when others try to have it both ways, or dilute the structure to their advantage.  

If a person, they might be the favorite child of the father (Saturn conjunct Sun).  We call the citizens who were part of writing the Declaration the Founding Fathers, and the those who structured the Constitution the “framers.” These descriptions sound like Saturn and Sun.  This could be viewed as the paternal source of useful self-confidence, applied to character building over the lifetime of the native.  

That is a lovely gift when we consider that Saturn and Sun apply to retrograde Mercury Pisces.  

We think of Mercury as quick to process and express.  There is the mythological and commercial figure of Mercury as a youth with winged booties, in weightless motion.  Mercury may have the urge to process and express, but here it has the ongoing housekeeping task with mature responsibility.  This Mercury is in service to Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Mercury may be surfing on a vast ocean of dramatic history that has rolled up to now.  Add to that the idea that expression and process are always re-examined, reviewed (Mercury Rx).  We might also see Mercury become increasingly adept at expression, if it calls upon the naturally available application of fully-lit rigor (Saturn conjunct Sun applying to Mercury).

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